New Public Service Announcement highlights links between the killing of rhinos in Africa and consumers in Vietnam

Ha Noi, August 26, 2013 – Education for Nature – Vietnam (ENV) has released a new public service announcement (PSA) video aimed at increasing public awareness about the plight of the world’s rhinos. By tracing the path of the illegal rhino horn trade from South Africa to Vietnam, the PSA highlights the severe consequences of Vietnam’s increasing demand for rhino horn products.


Aug26-PSA3 launch



Released as part of ENV’s expanding rhino awareness campaign, this is the second video in this year’s series of PSAs discouraging the consumption of rhino products.


Using stop motion animation, the PSA follows the international rhino horn supply chain. A rhino is killed by a poacher in the wild and its horn is removed and sold to a dealer. From there, the rhino horn is transported to Vietnam where there is a large demand for illegal rhino products.


Vietnam is one of the world’s largest markets for rhino horn, where many people still falsely believe in its healing properties as a traditional medicine. Growing Vietnamese demand has been fuelled by an increase in Vietnam’s standard of living, which has given many citizens unprecedented purchasing power.


Domestic demand is a major factor in the poaching of African rhinos. Over the past six years, killings of black and white rhinos in South Africa have increased dramatically. Since January this year at least 553 rhinos have been killed.


“Last year, on average, almost two rhinos were killed illegally in South Africa every day. Vietnamese demand for rhino horn is pushing these endangered species to the brink of extinction,” said Ms. Nguyen Phuong Dung, Vice-Director of ENV. “This PSA sends an important message that, by saying no to the consumption of rhino horn, the Vietnamese people can help save the world’s remaining rhinos.”


This is the 16th PSA ENV has produced to reduce consumer demand for wildlife products. ENV gratefully acknowledges Save the Rhino International and RhiNOremedy for their valuable support and partnership in producing this PSA.


The PSA can be watched online at:


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