Promising signs: Changing Vietnamese perceptions about the use of tiger bone glue

Today, on International Tiger Day, people across the globe recognize the threats faced by the world’s remaining tigers. Here at ENV, we support tiger conservation in Vietnam every day by working with law enforcement, decision-makers and the public to stop the illegal trade and reduce the consumption of tigers in Vietnam. 


Jul 29-sharing ideas 



As part of our ongoing activities to raise public awareness about tiger protection in Vietnam, we host regular wildlife trade exhibits in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, where there is the greatest demand for tiger products. People from all walks of life come along to participate in our activities and answer our tiger quiz which asks: “If someone in your family gets sick and believes that tiger bone glue is the best kind of medicine, will you do something to stop it, or will you let it happen?”

We are pleased to find the public is increasingly aware of the imperative to protect tigers in Vietnam. There is broad recognition that the trade and consumption of tiger products is illegal and the survival of tigers in Vietnam depends on the action of both the government and citizens. Below are some thoughts and ideas people have shared with us on this issue.



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