ENV visits the neighbors of bear farmers in the bear farming hotspot of Quynh Luu

During our visit to Quynh Luu this week, we’ve been sitting down and speaking with the neighbors of bear farmers in the area. As part of our bear campaign activities targeted at 32 bear farms across Quynh Luu, ENV aims to speak with at least three to five neighbors on every field visit.


Jul 25-Neighbor visit in Quynh Luu

Our team takes a friendly and conversational approach in encouraging bear farmers’ neighbors to spread the word throughout their communities that bear farming and bear products are illegal and should not be supported. Neighbors can play a critical role in inspiring and persuading bear farmers to cease these practices.

This week, the locals had some good news for us: they have recently observed a reduction in the consumption of bear bile in the area. It now costs between VND10,000 and VND20,000 for a small 1cc portion of bear bile ($1-2 US). Previously, the same amount cost between VND100,000 and VND200,000 ($5-10 US). The locals also indicated they have seen reduced demand for bear meat and paws, and that many people are put off by the chemicals that farmers inject into the bears to extract their bile.

This is heartening news and ENV is pleased to be discovering increasingly strong public awareness of the illegality of bear farming and bear products, and evidence that local views and practices in these hotspots are continuing to change.


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