President Obama supports the global fight to combat wildlife trafficking

During his visit to Tanzania earlier this month, U.S. President Barack Obama took the historic step of signing an executive order to combat wildlife trafficking.


Jul 19 Obama


 Photo courtesy of CITES 

The order sends a powerful message both domestically and internationally on the need to treat wildlife crimes seriously. A new Presidential task force will devise a national strategy over the next six months to combat illegal wildlife trafficking and the poaching of endangered species. 

In his executive order, President Obama highlighted the far-reaching negative consequences of the global illegal wildlife trade, acknowledging the economic, social and environmental imperative to protect precious species such as elephants, rhinos, great apes, tigers, sharks, tuna, and turtles.

This concerted effort is heartening and we hope the new strategy will help to make a difference in reducing wildlife trafficking on a global scale.

To read the executive order, please visit:


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