It’s a sad fact that Vietnam’s Javan Rhinoceros only exist on books

Last week, when rearranging our library, ENV miraculously found an old publication titled ‘Rhinoceros Sondaicus Annamiticus in Vietnam by Gert Polet & Tran Van Mui (1999)’.


jul 3 javan rhino book


 Vietnam has lost its fight to save the Javan Rhinoceros after poachers apparently killed the last individual for its horn in Cat Tien National Park, Lam Dong province, Southern Vietnam on 2010. The false, unscientific belief that rhino horn has medicinal properties undoubtedly contributed to the extinct of this beautiful and charismatic animal. The reality is that it is too late for Vietnam’s last rhino, but it is not too late for others of its kind. 


We have had great collaboration among Vietnamese people, ENV and local authorities to share the responsibility of protecting rhinos, which give hope for the survival of rhino in the world. Help us fight the cause!


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