Busy Tuesday for organizing exhibits

On June 18, ENV organized a wildlife trade exhibit at the Hanoi Vocational School, and a bear protection exhibit in Thanh Cong Park, Hanoi.





More than 50 people participated in the trade exhibit, answering a wildlife quiz and sharing their opinions. For this exhibit, the ENV topic was “If somebody in your family was sick and they wanted to use tiger bone glue, would you intervene to prevent them from using this illegal product?” In response to this question ENV collected many interesting answers. 

A male student stated, “In my opinion, using tiger glue as medicine or some kind of treatment is just a rumor. In fact, it is not good to compare it with other herbal medicines. I will recommend my relatives to not use any kind of animal glue, let alone tiger glue.” 

A female student wrote: “I will help raise awareness and explain to people that Vietnam now has only about 10 tigers in the wild. Most of the tigers were killed to make tiger bone glue. Many people believe that using tiger products will give them the extraordinary powers of tigers. But how can such power exist in a country that no longer has any tigers?”

Yesterday’s bear exhibit attracted many people in Thanh Cong Park, including young children, senior citizens, students, and even a press crew from Thailand. Everyone was excited with the display boards and educational publications. Some young students even volunteered to wear the larger-than-life bear costume and attract more people to the exhibit with funny posing. Others volunteered to hand out pledge cards and convince people to commit not to use bear bile products. 

ENV is thrilled by this positive engagement from Hanoi’s youth, and remains confident that such activities will change public perceptions of wildlife products.


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