Efforts from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) shops in reducing rhino horn consumption

Last week ENV began a campaign cooperating with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) shops in Hanoi. The objective of the campaign is to convince TCM shop owners to not prescribe rhino horn medicine to patients.





 TCM shop owners are also encouraged to prescribe a herbal alternative to rhino horn products. ENV’s ultimate aim is to dispel the belief that rhino horns can magically help treat illness, and thus end the demand for rhino products.


In the first period of the campaign, eight TCM shops in Hanoi are displaying ENV’s awareness table boards which discourage the consumption of rhino horns. The table boards also show that the TCM shop owners have committed to not selling wildlife products for medical purposes. Additionally, the information boards urge the prospective consumers to report crimes to the nearest local authorities or the ENV hotline.

ENV’s goal is to reach 40 TCM shops in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.




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