Rhino poster provoking thoughts for Hanoi students


“Every child needs a home and the protection of its mother. All creatures in the world, including all small animals, also deserve the same right, because they all have hearts and feelings. Let the beautiful image of a rhino mother staying by the side of her baby touch human’s hearts. Let’s join hands to protect all animals!”



This was the reaction of one young student to our new rhino poster at yesterday’s wildlife trade exhibit (April 16, 2013) at Hanoi’s Trade Union University. There were more than 160 students who were inspired to share their ideas on the illegal rhino horn trade in Vietnam, which was a great result. In addition, almost 200 students completed the quiz and tested their knowledge of illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam.

The second event of day was a wildlife trade seminar, which was attended by more than 100 university students. Students shared their opinions on rhino poaching, illegal wildlife trade, and even their personal experiences consuming wildlife. They were also encouraged to report any violations to ENV’s wildlife crime hotline.

And in a great end to the day’s events, four students registered to become part of ENV’s growing volunteer network. We welcome these new volunteers to the ENV family!



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