Snapshot of public feedback in March 2013


A collection of public feedback highlights from ENV’s wildlife trade exhibits, bear exhibits and the volunteer fanpage, gathered during March 2013.




On how to stop the sale of wildlife meat at Huong Pagoda:


“[We should] mobilize local people and tourists to call ENV’s hotline when they observe these crimes. Also, local authorities should be tougher when checking the establishments and increase the penalty to up to VND 50 million for each violation. We need to find out the root cause of illegal trade in order to prevent it.” (Ms. Nguyen Thi Mai, Age: 19, Hanoi – Mar 2013)


“Traders and tourists should be more heavily penalized when they sell or buy wildlife or products made from wildlife.” (Ms. Nguyen Thi Quynh Van, Age: 19, Hanoi – Mar 2013)


On video footage of bear bile extraction:


“Bear species are on the brink of extinction. This video clip reminds me to wonder whether bear bile is as effective as people say it is? A few days ago, on television I saw some doctors and scientists who said bear bile does not have kind of medicinal effect. How can people treat bears so inhumanely like that?” (Ms. Phuong, Age: 21, Nam Dinh – Mar 2013)


All species are able to feel pain, sadness and happiness as humans do. These men are so merciless and cruel. They hurt the poor bears for their personal profits. They have no fear, but if they were those bears, would they still be so calm?” (Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Hien, Age 20, Hanoi – Mar 2013)


“While watching the bear bile extraction film, I felt so angry. I really want to stop these people from the bad and illegal action of extracting bear bile.” (Mr. Khuat Van Thin, Age: 13, Hanoi – Mar 2013)



Volunteer Network Feedback:


In response to a link about rhino consumption in Vietnam:

“My friend in Africa posted this link about the rhino horn consumption situation in Vietnam on my Facebook wall. It seems like he wanted to say ‘Look, this is what the people in your country are doing!’ How shameful!” (Prince Ken)


In response to a news article about a male singer/actor whose house is decked out with wildlife products and stuffed animals:

“What does he feel when he spreads a tiger skin rug on this table? Does he feel its pain from the skinning? The killers and traders are inhumane, but this singer is a thousand times more wicked.” (Bo Min)


In response to our poster with the message that a rhino mother would not want her child to grow up as an orphan:

“I feel so unhappy. I also don’t want to grow up without my mom, but this feeling still haunts me. I don’t want this to continue to happen in our future generations. If you want your children to live in good health and be full of laughter, you should let them enjoy resh air instead of witnessing this pain.” (Ngoc Van)


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