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In 2020, ENV documented more wildlife crime cases than any other year in ENV history

Wildlife crime case

Wildlife violations

Live wild animals rescued

In 2020 alone, ENV documented 2,907 wildlife crime cases and 7,651 wildlife violations- more than any other year in ENV history!
From those cases, 1,132 live wild animals were rescued from Vietnam’s illegal wildlife trade and multiple wildlife trafficking criminals were arrested.

Additionally in 2020, ENV support to prosecutors and the courts contributed to successful convictions and prison sentences handed down to one or more defendants in 46 cases that ENV had prioritized. The average prison sentence for wildlife trafficking in Vietnam in 2020 was 4.3 years.

ENV public awareness campaigns in 2020 reached over 17 million people through social media. On top of that, 47-60 TV stations aired 4 ENV Public Service Announcements, each PSA reaching an estimated 40 million people.
ENV’s media statements alerting journalists to breaking wildlife trade news resulted in 780 articles written and published on multiple news websites. Additionally, by the end of December 2020, ENV had hosted its 160th monthly radio show on the Voice of Vietnam, the most listened to radio station nationwide, with each radio show focused on a different wildlife topic. Meanwhile, 648 advertisements on VOV aired in 2020, urging the public not to consume wildlife and to report wildlife crimes to the ENV Wildlife Crime Hotline.

Over 20 years of impact

Since 2005, ENV has recorded and tackled over 20,000 wildlife crime cases, and the Wildlife Crime Unit continues to receive about 10 new wildlife crime cases a day.

Over 20,000 wildlife crime cases

ENV has played a key role in phasing out bear bile farming in Vietnam, resulting in >90% reduction of captive bile bears since 2005.

Bear Bile Farming in Vietnam

Four major wildlife trafficking network leaders have been arrested, prosecuted, and convicted as a direct result of ENV support to police, prosecutors, and courts. Among those imprisoned through ENV action are Vietnam’s most infamous marine turtle kingpin, the leader of a regional tiger trafficking network, the leader of a major ivory and rhino horn trafficking network smuggling ivory and rhino horn from Africa to Vietnam, and a major ivory and rhino horn trafficker in Hanoi.

Take down leaders of wildlife criminal networks

ENV helped shape some of the most important wildlife protection laws in Vietnam, including the 2015 Penal Codethe Criminal Procedure Code, and relevant management and administrative punishment decrees relating to wildlife protection such as Decree 26, Decree 06, Decree 35, and Decree 42.

Shaping wildlife protection laws

Over the past few years, ENV has directly assisted police in the arrest of countless wildlife traffickers who smuggle or sell wildlife of all species, from rare birds and otters to critically endangered pangolins, turtles, primates, and others.

Arresting wildlife traffickers

ENV helped end the practice of auctioning off pangolins, tigers, and other endangered wildlife that had been confiscated by authorities, which was previously a common activity amongst law enforcement in wildlife crime cases.

End practice of auctioning off wildlife

ENV shut down bear bile tourism in Ha Long Bay, resulting in the closure of six farms that kept approximately 300 bears for bear bile tourism.

Shutting down Bear bile tourism in Ha Long Bay

ENV shut down the biggest wildlife market in Vietnam, formerly located in Dong Xuan Market in Hanoi.

Shutting down the biggest wildlife market in Hanoi

Transformed public opinion and behavior towards wildlife, and mobilized the public to take action by reporting wildlife crime to ENV, averaging 10 new public reports per day.

Mobilizing public action in combatting the illegal wildlife trade.

Through partnerships with Google, Facebook, Zalo (the most common social network in Vietnam), and other online trading platforms, ENV removes thousands of wildlife violations posted online by Vietnamese wildlife traders and deactivates wildlife trading accounts.

Addressing Internet crimes

Became the go-to organization for law enforcement authorities, courts, and procuracies to seek advice on wildlife-related issues. More specifically, ENV’s Law Guidance which is updated and re-distributed annually has been highly regarded as a valuable reference for agencies to address wildlife crimes and strengthen enforcement of wildlife protection law.
In 2020, more than five thousand copies of ENV’s Law Guidance were distributed upon request to law enforcement agencies, courts, and procuracies. 

The go-to organization for law enforcement authorities, courts, and procuracies

Become a partner to
protect wildlife

ENV recognizes that business can play a valuable role in supporting conservation efforts. In fact, securing a shared commitment from the corporate sector in the fight for wildlife protection is an important part of the solution.


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