Law enforcement Responsiveness

Since 2005, ENV has been working closely with members of the public and law enforcement agencies throughout the country on a day-to-day basis to combat wildlife crime. On average, the ENV Wildlife Crime Unit receives about nine new cases reported to the ENV Wildlife Crime Hotline each day. After each report, ENV contacts the appropriate authorities to address the violation(s), tracking each case through to its conclusion and documenting the outcome on ENV’s National Wildlife Crime Incident Tracking Database.

ENV considers responsiveness to wildlife crime by law enforcement critical to establish an effective partnership between the public, who report wildlife crime, and authorities, who address wildlife crime.

In 2020, ENV initiated the Responsiveness Reporting System to evaluate the performance of local law enforcement agencies tasked with wildlife protection, comparing each province’s statistics while calculating the national average. Results are shared with provincial People’s Committees to ensure provincial leaders are aware of how well their province is performing on a national scale.


Number of public reports through the ENV Hotline, where information is transferred to law enforcement agencies via phone call, correspondence, or direct meeting.


Percentage of violations reported in 2021 resulting in a confirmed response by authorities.


Percentage of cases resulting in the confiscation of animals and/or legal punishment of the subjects.


Percentage of live wild animal cases reported in 2021 resulting in a successful confiscation of the live wild animal(s). Live animal cases are a critical performance indicator, as they generally require a timely and effective response by authorities in order to yield success.


The national average is based on the results of 62 provinces where crimes were reported to ENV by the public (Bac Lieu province is excluded, as ENV did not receive any wildlife crime reports from the public in Bac Lieu during 2021). This average serves as a national benchmark against which provincial governments can compare the responsiveness of their subordinate agencies.









most responsive provinces

*Note: Provinces with less than 15 cases were  not considered in this ranking

The top-performing provinces have greatly contributed to the country’s overall rate of responsiveness to wildlife crime reports made by the public. Da Nang, Nghe An, and Ha Tinh provinces gain the title of most responsive to publicly reported crimes, with their response rates being maintained at 100% for two years in a row. Among the remaining topranking performers, authorities in Ho Chi Minh City continued to keep up with a comparatively massive number of public reports and were able to respond to nearly 100% of all publicly reported crimes in the province.

Most successful provinces in handling publicly reported Wildlife Crimes

*Note: Provinces with less than 15 cases were  not considered in this ranking

No Province Number of live animal reports Success rate
1 Thanh Hoa 17 82.4%
2 Da Nang 17 52.9%
3 Dong Nai 27 51.9%
4 Lam Dong 29 51.7%

At 82.4%, Thanh Hoa achieved the highest success rate in handling publicly reported wildlife crimes in 2021 – double the rate achieved by the province in the previous year. Da Nang, Dong Nai, and Lam Dong are also acknowledged for their success in handling roughly half of the cases reported in 2021.

Most successful provinces in handling live animal cases

*Note: Provinces with less than 15 cases were  not considered in this ranking

No Province Number of live animal reports Live animal success rate
1 Da Nang 10 80%
2 Dong Nai 22 59.1%
3 Binh Dinh 13 53.9%
4 Binh Duong 20 50%

Da Nang authorities were the most successful in dealing with live animal cases, having successfully handled 80% of live animal cases reported by the public resulting in confiscations or transfers. Da Nang was followed by Dong Nai province, which delivered a 59.1% success rate in live animal cases, while Binh Dinh and Binh Duong authorities successfully addressed around 50% of the live animal cases reported in their provinces.

Performance Among Provinces with the Highest Number of Publicly Reported Crimes

Some major cities have substantially more crimes reported than others. This measure evaluates overall performance of cities and provinces with roughly 30 or more cases reported by the public during the course of the year.


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