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While the unfounded belief in the medicinal value of rhino horn has seemingly decreased, the demand for it persists due to it also being perceived as a status symbol that flaunts abundant wealth. Vietnamese-led wildlife trafficking networks operating in a number of African countries provide supplies of rhino horns to Vietnam and other Asian countries.

ENV has been working tirelessly for more than a decade to curb the demand for rhino horns and eliminate the trade. ENV works to ensure rhino horn violations are punished in accordance with the law, while striving to change the attitudes of the public toward its consumption and creating deterrence value through the wide dissemination of strict sentences for rhino horn-related violations.

Wildlife is not medicine Exhibit in the marathon

ENV has run massive public awareness campaigns with the goal of reducing consumer demand, which included bringing influential politicians and celebrities to South Africa to better understand the root of the problem and illuminate how rhino horn consumption in Vietnam acts as a catalyst for rhino killings in Africa. The trips resulted in hundreds of TV and radio segments and media articles urging Vietnamese not to consume rhino horn.

Beyond the positive influences of well-known ENV advocates, we have targeted the consumers of rhino horn through our partnerships with high-end businesses such as Mercedez-Benz dealerships and golf courses by displaying informational banners and other awareness-raising materials at numerous locations across Vietnam. We have also aired multiple public service announcements (PSAs) across ~60 TV channels, reaching millions of viewers, and featuring shocking, emotional, or comedic approaches to raise awareness of the issue.

On the enforcement front, the ENV team works with law enforcement every day to combat rhino horn crime and bring criminals to justice. In 2022, a total of 44 rhino horn cases were reported to ENV, and ENV worked with authorities and social media partners to successfully handle 64 rhino horn cases. In 2021, Vietnam had its longest-ever prison sentence handed down to a subject trafficking rhino horn, who received a 14-year prison sentence. This is a major benchmark for Vietnam in dealing with rhino horn traffickers.

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