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Unfortunately, some people in Vietnam still think rhino horn, tiger bone glue, ivory, or live wildlife make great gifts for family, friends, and co-workers. We’re here to spread the word via public awareness campaigns that they do NOT, due to the real risk of species going extinct, harm caused to biodiversity, and this exchange being illegal.

When people don’t listen, we’re here to ensure they are caught, arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Our policy and legislation team closely follows cases, corresponding with courts to encourage adequate punishment and holding prosecution training sessions on wildlife crime throughout the year. 

From January to September this year, we have handled 2,760 wildlife crime cases, consisting of over 8,000 violations. Our Wildlife Crime Unit offers law enforcement support on all cases, resulting in the rescue of 2,125 live wild animals from the illegal wildlife trade. These included 6 leopard cats, 4 gibbons, 15 lorises, 11 otters, 976 turtles and tortoises, and 101 macaques, as well as many other wild species.

With your support...

Countless more wild animals can be safeguarded from the illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam. 

This holiday season, you can fight the commodification of nature by giving the gift of wildlife protection. Your support of ENV funds programs to strengthen key wildlife policy and legislation, embolden law enforcement action, create deterrence for criminal behavior, raise awareness on the need to protect wildlife and mobilize the public to report crimes to the ENV Wildlife Crime Hotline.

Wildlife is a gift for the ecosystems in which they flourish, not for humans to exploit as they please.  

Help us keep wildlife in Vietnam’s forests and international wildlife trafficking networks out of Vietnam’s borders.

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Wildlife is a gift for the ecosystems in which they flourish, not for humans to exploit as they please.  

Thank you, for whatever support you can give this holiday season. 

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