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wildlife crime cases tackled by ENV's Wildlife Crime Unit
live wild animals rescued in 2020
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live wild animals rescued in 2021
ENV inteventions in wildlife criminal cases 2020-2021
wildlife traffickers sentenced to prison in 2021 through ENV intervention
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Vietnamese people reached through ENV demand reduction campaigns in 2020

Most prevalent species in Vietnam's illegal wildlife trade as recorded by ENV in wildlife crime cases from 2020

With your help, we can continue to rescue wildlife, put traffickers behind bars, and end demand for wildlife in Vietnam to ensure a sustainable future for endangered species across the world.

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One of the biggest threats to wildlife around the globe is the illegal wildlife trade, the 4th largest black-market industry after humans, weapons, and drugs. Taking species out of their natural ecosystem where they play important roles balancing the food chain and maintaining environmental health has become increasingly popular in recent years, completely destroying our world’s biodiversity. Vietnam has one of the highest demands for wildlife out of any country in the entire world, while Vietnam’s location makes it a hub for trafficking routes to other Asian markets. Vietnam’s role in the illegal wildlife trade threatens species from all corners of the globe. 


ENV tackles both the demand for wildlife and the supply of wildlife through creative, strategic, and decisive actions. ENV educates tens of millions of people across Vietnam every year, raising their awareness for the need to protect wildlife, while also influencing them to take action by rejecting and reporting wildlife crime. Changing public opinion and behavior towards wildlife creates the long-term change that’s needed for a sustainable future. 

On the supply side, ENV receives reports of wildlife for sale or being smuggled and works with law enforcement to confiscate live wild animals and wildlife products before they reach the buyer. ENV also sees to it that all major wildlife criminals are arrested, prosecuted, and imprisoned. This action diminishes the supply of wildlife to consumers and creates deterrence as the risk of trading wildlife becomes more severe.


Participate in the Running Out Of Time campaign today by walking or running 5k and donating the amount of time it takes to complete. Be sure to spread the word with others who would love this opportunity to help protect wildlife!