ENV’s public awareness campaigns aim to reduce consumption of wildlife by influencing public attitudes and encouraging the public to become actively involved in wildlife protection.

ENV uses a variety of tools to raise awareness about the wildlife trade including television, radio, and newspapers, as well as hosting high profile events and a growing viral advertising and social media program on the internet. ENV also works closely with the media to increase and sustain the coverage on important wildlife trade issues in Vietnam’s press, and maintains an active network of more than 120 journalists to facilitate reaching the public.

ENV’s major long-running awareness activities include public exhibits focusing on reducing consumption of wildlife and bringing an end to the illegal trade and farming of bears, and seminars for university students encouraging public action to combat the illegal wildlife trade.



Bear exhibits call for an end to bear farming and encourage people to say “NO” to bear bile. The ENV bear mascot is popular with the kids.
Wildlife trade exhibits focus on reducing wildlife consumption in Vietnam, and include features such as an opinion topic to encourage the sharing of ideas.
In the market initiative, large banners are hung prominently at markets to raise shoppers’ awareness of wildlife trade and consumption. Each university seminar includes a presentation on the illegal wildlife trade crisis, a debate, and ENV’s bear play is performed by the students.

Community Education & Training

Training environmental educators

ENV has conducted more than 70 environmental education and communication training programs for teachers, community stakeholder groups and staff from national parks and protected areas throughout Vietnam. ENV has also trained educators from Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos.

ENV’s intensive courses, lasting from one to two weeks, include a combination of classroom work and practice in local schools and villages. ENV’s Mobile Wildlife Awareness Unit travels to protected areas throughout Vietnam to conduct onsite training courses.

Supporting environmental educators

kkk-kcr training in kon ka kinh np from 24 june to 8 july 2008 54 500x412Through our Environmental Education Network, ENV provides resources and technical support to environmental educators working in parks and protected areas throughout Vietnam, including graduates from ENV training programs. ENV produces and distributes a variety of educational resources to members of this network, including a weekly environment news bulletin which gives environmental educators the opportunity to stay up-to-date with environmental issues. Other ENV educational resources include environmental education curricula, films and posters.

Green Forest is ENV’s biannual children’s nature magazine which is distributed nationally through the Environmental Education Network. Each issue, with a nationwide readership of an estimated 300,000 people, focuses on a range of significant environmental topics and includes student contributions from around the country.

Developing community programs

tam dao puppet show 2 4-06 500x410ENV works with local partners to develop and implement community-based environmental education programs in parks and protected areas. ENV has contributed to the development of community-based awareness initiatives in more than 30 other protected areas. ENV programs focus on community stakeholders, including school children, local residents and park visitors. Activities are designed to increase awareness of environmental issues, ranging from local biodiversity to global climate change, and take a variety of formats for different audiences, including nature clubs at schools, puppet shows, plays, and adult-focused awareness meetings in villages.