Song: Wishes for bears

Bears deserve to live freely in the rescue center after many years in captivity. The new songs: Wishes for bears

Run for Bear – End bear farming

More than 800 runners from 43 countries around the globe came together to “Run for Bears” to signal their strong support for the closing of bear farms, the reduction of bear bile demand, and expediting an end to the cruel and illegal bear bile industry.

ENV’s Wildlife Crime Unit (WCU)

ENV’s Wildlife Crime Unit (WCU) was established in 2005 to facilitate and motivate public involvement in efforts to combat wildlife trade, and to improve the effectiveness of front line law enforcement agencies.

Pangolins are our friends!

January 2016 – As an urgent response to the massive and unabated exploitation of pangolins to meet demand from consumers in Vietnam and China, ENV is taking the unprecedented step of declaring war on pangolin crime. We are calling on the support of our government partners, law enforcement, and the public to put a swift […]

Outstanding Achievement Awards for Wildlife Protection

On October 14, 2015, ENV and our partners hosted the second Outstanding Achievement Awards for Wildlife Protection ceremony to honor five law enforcement officers and two journalists for their contribution to wildlife protection in Vietnam.  

Taking Down Vietnam’s Marine Turtle Kingpin

On the 19th of November 2014, Vietnam’s National Environmental Police raided three warehouses in the city of Nha Trang and discovered more than 4.3 tons of dead marine turtles. A month later local police raided three additional locations connected to the same criminal network and found 4,000 more marine turtles. The combined volume of turtles […]

Ending Bear Farming in Vietnam- 10 years of Progress

The short film highlights ten years of ENV commitment and progress in ending bear farming and trade in Vietnam. Help put an end to illegal bear farming and the consumption of bear bile in Vietnam by reporting bear bile traders to your local authorities, or by calling ENV’s toll-free hotline.  

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