Video Library

Video Library

ENV has a wide range of films, from Public Service Announcements (PSAs), to documentaries, news reports, campaign films and other features. If this page is slow to load please visit the full video library at ENV's YouTube channel.


Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

ENV regularly produces new PSAs to get our wildlife protection message out to a wide Vietnamese audience. Our PSAs are broadcast on television screens throughout the country and shared online. 


teacher-bear anh-trung-anh
  Say NO to bear bile!


  Actor Trung Anh and Xuan Bac urge the public not to use or buy bear bile!


psa-rua-1 sungte psa-gau-1
  Give marine turtles a chance!


  “Rhino horn doesn’t impress anyone", Diva Hong Nhung and MC Phan Anh


  Life Sentence Behind Bars at a Bear Bile Farm


thuy-hang-psa ha-1 Sep-15-Uneducated-gift-1

 Thuy Hang model urged public to say NO with using bear bile and end bear farming in Vietnam.


 Vietnam Bear Day: TV news anchor Hoai Anh urged the public to be “Bear Heroes”


 People consuming rhino horn embarrass themselves and their country


Tiger-King-1 tete-1 Bear Dancer 1

 Famous comedians Quoc Khanh and Cong Ly urge the public to protect tigers


 Public urged to be pangolin crime fighters Celebrity dancer Tuyet Minh urges the public not to consume bear bile
WLT Stop PSA-1 May26-Bear-PSA-Father-and-Daughter-1

Khoe me su giau co bang sung te giac-1

STOP wildlife crime before it's too late Actor Trung Hieu urges the public to stop using bear bile

 Don’t be a fool! Rhino horn does not impress anyone




Hong Nhung keu goi cong dong chung tay cham dut nan tham sat te giac 3


Tiger PSA-1

TV news anchor Hoai Anh calls on the public to protect pangolins

Hong Nhung urges the Vietnamese public not to consume rhino horn

Be Smart! Tiger bone is not a magical medicine 






Aug26-PSA3 launch

Killing tigers will not impress anyone

Sickening truth of illegal rhino horn trade

Links between the killing of rhinos in Africa and consumers in Vietnam 





Rhino horn consumption is socially unacceptable

Celebrity Ha Anh urges the public not to consume wildlife

Whoever you are, don't use bear bile
psa-gau-ban   hong-son
Bears are our friends Football star Hong Son: I never use bear bile Actor Pham Bang: I don't use bear bile and neither should you!
hoai-anh-bao-ve-gau if-you-sick-visit-hospital   
Singer Thai Thuy Linh: I don't use bear bile and neither should you!  MC Hoai Anh: Using bear bile does not make you healthier If you are sick, visit the hospital 
nga-xe      bear-bile-wine am-thanh-mat-gau   
Say NO to bear bile  Say NO to bear bile wine Bear bile is 100% cruelty
say-no-to-bear-bile     my-linh-bao-ve-gau
Say NO to bear bile  Singer My Linh: Save bears by saying "NO" to bear bile  



 ENV's major campaign


art-work May 8   My Linh at NBD-1

"Action for Wildlife" Artwork Competition 2015

Ending bear farming in Vietnam - 10 years of progress


The ENV Minute


Run for rhinos

[#7] Marine Turtle Minute in Con Dao


Run for rhinos

Run for rhinos


[#6] Run for Bear - End bear farming


[#5] Run for Rhinos (WCU)


[#4] WIldlife Crime Unit Minute





[#3] Outstanding Achievement Awards for Wildlife Protection


[#2] ENV's corporate partners actively protect wildlife

[#1] Bear farming hotspot school program




Outstanding Achievement Awards for Wildlife Protection

Short biography about outstanding individuals (law enforcement officers and journalists) who have made exceptional contributions in protecting wildlife in Vietnam


canh-sat canh-sat-1 canh-sat-2
Tran Huu Hong - Outstanding Law Enforcement Officer Huynh Quoc Thang - Outstanding Law Enforcement Officer Nguyen Duy Toai - Outstanding Law Enforcement Officer
canh-sat-4 canh-sat-3  
Nguyen Trong Khoi - Outstanding Law Enforcement Officer Nguyen Huu Hoa - Outstanding Law Enforcement Officer 
nha-bao nha-bao-1  
Do Doan Hoang - Outstanding Journalist Le Thi Hong Van - Outstanding Journalist  



 Wildlife Protection Films

ENV has also produced, contributed to and appeared in a number of films on the topic of wildlife protection

anh-1 te-te rua-1
ENV's Environmental Hero Pangolins are friends! Taking down Vietnam's Marine Turtle Kingpin
tam-biet-rua tiger-trade   tiger-trade  
Goodbye Turtle End Tiger trade  Nguyen Mau Chien - Rhino Horn Kingpin spot 
bear-transfer bear-transfer            nmc-spot-2
Bear transfer out of captivity Misa released to semi-nature New ENV spot profiling rhino horn trafficking kingpin



 ENV show

ENV has also conducted interviews or short surveys with our volunteers and the public on the topic of wildlife protection

sontra-pv quocdung-pv te-giac-pv
Nguyen Son Tra - ENV Hanoi Nguyen Quoc Dung - Game on World Rhino Day Khi nhắc đến tê giác, mọi người nghĩ đến điều gì?



 Black Bear Forum 2018 - Interviews

ENV conducted interviews with representatives of governments, organizations abour bear protection in Black Bear Forum 2018 event

karan-interview korea-mop dong-nai-fpd
Representative of World Animal Protection - Dr. Karanvir Kukreja Interview Korean MoP Interview Representative of Dong Nai FPD Interview