tiger trade investigation findings 2010 imgTiger trade investigation findings

A summary of findings from ENV’s 12-month tiger trade investigation in Vietnam, including an overview of Vietnam’s tiger trade, sources and trafficking routes; use of tiger products; tiger farming, farm management and administration; and enforcement efforts. Findings published in March 2010.

marine turtle identification resource imgMarine turtle identification resource

An easy-to-use resource from seaturtle.org for identification of the world’s eight marine turtle species.


Tiger bone TCM practitioner values

Survey dates: Nov 2011 (Hanoi) and June 2012. 

tiger trade facts and fallacies imgTiger trade facts and fallacies

A document clearly articulating the facts (and fallacies) surrounding the issue of tiger farming, produced by the International Tiger Coalition in 2008.


ENV Rhino TCM Survey summary stats

Survey dates: Nov 2011 (Hanoi) and June 2012 (HCM).