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Biodiversity Week: 16 Facts about Vietnam

Vietnam has been ranked the 16th most biologically diverse country in the world! Diverse ecosystems provide clean water, soil stability, buffers against storms and climate shocks as well as a basis for tourism. Biodiversity conservation is an essential component of achieving sustainable, resilient development. This Biodiversity Week we are celebrating Vietnam’s biodiversity status with 16 […]

Harsh prison sentences for wildlife criminals

Registered Wildlife Farm Busted for Laundering Wildlife On May 12, 2020, the Provincial People’s Court of Quang Nam sentenced Pham Thi Thuan to 5 years in prison and 60 million VND for laundering wildlife through her licensed wildlife farm in Thanh Binh district of Quang Nam province.  Two years ago, on May 8, 2018, authorities […]

Covid-19: Protect your health- DON’T consume wildlife

In response to the current pandemic affecting countries and economies across the globe, ENV has released a new Public Service Announcement (PSA) in Vietnam to highlight the health risks of wildlife consumption. The objective of the PSA is to mitigate further risk of zoonotic outbreak and accelerate an end to the sale and consumption of […]

Directive to Ban Trade and Consumption of Wildlife

The global Covid-19 pandemic has been linked to human contact with wildlife, prompting ENV to join 13 other nonprofits in Vietnam in an open letter to Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc urging for an immediate response to the wildlife trade. On March 6th, an official response was released stating that the Ministry of Agriculture and […]

ENV urges Vietnam’s Prime Minister to take action against wildlife trade amid nCoV outbreak

On February 16th 2020, ENV joined 13 other wildlife organizations in Vietnam in an open letter to Vietnam’s Prime Minister, Nguyen Xuan Phuc, urging for immediate and serious improvements to wildlife conservation laws. As the Coronavirus continues to spread worldwide and within Vietnam’s borders, it is imperative that Vietnam’s government take action to end the […]

Achievement Awards presented

Education for Nature – Vietnam (ENV) today presents the Outstanding Achievement Awards for Wildlife Protection to recognize the class-setting work of Vietnam’s law enforcement agencies and legal system.

Success in court

An appeal court in Hanoi has upheld the sentence of a major player in Vietnam’s illegal tiger trading. Pham Duc Hoa was busted last year in the capital’s Long Bien district along with three others while transporting a dead tiger. He will continue to serve his 15 months sentence based on the appeal verdict. The […]

Who you gonna call?

Big shout out to Saga Media who have very kindly given ENV a two-week video slot on a major Hanoi bus route to promote our 1800-1522 wildlife crime hotline. This 30 second clip will be looped on the video screens of 20 No.26 buses (Mai Dong – My Dinh stadium) and will reach an estimated […]

Tiger Kingpin Gets Jailtime

Following the seizure of seven dead tiger cubs in July 2019, ENV congratulated Hanoi Police for their success on Voice of Vietnam radio show. However, ENV noted that prison time was necessary to deter future wildlife traffickers and teach current traffickers that the law will catch up to them. ENV advocated for the highest bracket […]