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As a local non-profit organization in Vietnam, ENV is actively working to address the illegal consumption and trade of wildlife through unique and creative approaches that have a meaningful impact upon wildlife protection. Your support is crucial to our efforts and will help us continue our work and make a difference.

Why donate to ENV?

We’re a small but very effective NGO committed to winning the battle against wildlife trafficking, securing a safe and sustainable future for Vietnam’s wildlife.

With an extensive network of volunteers monitoring wildlife trafficking hotspots, an effective alliance with Vietnamese authorities who confiscate and transfer wildlife, and the dedicated Wildlife Crime Unit team taking reports of wildlife crime, ENV's on the ground operations produce real results.

Your donation will go directly to our wildlife protection efforts in Vietnam.

How is the donation used?

Here are the efforts donations go towards:

  • Fight crime and rescue wildlife: Have an impact on wildlife crime by supporting the efforts of our team operating ENV’s National Wildlife Crime Hotline, responsible for transferring public reports on violations to authorities, tracking the results, and rescuing illegal wildlife from restaurants, markets, and other consumer establishments.
  • Mobilize public support and involvement: Support our growing National Wildlife Protection Network of volunteers active in 59 provinces nationwide, and helping us to monitor restaurants and markets to ensure that business owners are not selling or advertising wildlife.
  • Reduce consumption of wildlife: Help us to reduce the consumption of wildlife through support for ENV’s mobile awareness activities hosted in public squares, at universities, and in city markets. Influencing attitudes and reducing consumer demand for wildlife is critical for the long term success of our efforts.
  • Support one of our species campaigns focused on ending bear farming and trade, stopping the illegal tiger trade, or bring an end to the killing of rhinos.
  • Help us with our current appeal: Help us make more changes in Vietnamese legislation to improve wildlife conservation facilities and close loopholes in Vietnamese wildlife law by joining our 2020 Campaign!

What we have achieved

Other ways you can help:

Donate to one of our latest campaigns

Get involved: join our National Wildlife Protection Network of volunteers

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