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Too late for these tigers!

At midnight August 11th, two tiger carcasses were discovered by police in a local restaurant in South Vietnam.    

Pangolin update: pangolins closer to extinction than previously thought

Earlier this week, we reported that 1.4 tons of pangolin scales (from as many as 10,000 animals) had been confiscated from a shipping container entering Vietnam from Sierra Leone. The increase of cases involving African species of pangolins is thought to be due to the rapidly decreasing numbers of Asian pangolins. Now, the IUCN Red …

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Worrying numbers in South Africa

Over 1,000 rhinos were poached in South Africa in 2013, fuelled by a demand for their horns in Asian countries, where they are believed to have medicinal properties.    

Four langur poachers sentenced to prison

ENV has received new information from the court that four poachers have been convincted for killing three Indochinese silvered langurs in Phu Quoc National Park; two of the accused have been sentenced to two years in prison, whilst the other two hunters have been sentenced to two years and six months.      

2012 ivory trafficker is sentenced

Back in 2012, Vietnamese Customs at Da Nang airport exposed a major ivory trafficking case; 70 kilograms of elephant tusks were discovered during an inspection of two suspicious suitcases. After initial investigations, the owner of the two cases admitted that he had been hired by another man to traffic these illegal wildlife products from Angola. …

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