In 2019, collaboration between ENV’s Wildlife Crime Unit, national and provincial law enforcement agencies, and Forest Protection Departments resulted in the successful confiscation or transfer of 321 live animals. Furthermore, this teamwork led to the seizure of numerous parts or products from endangered wildlife such as frozen tigers, ivory, pangolin scales and wine, bear paws and gallbladders, and marine turtle trophies.

Among the live animals seized in collaborative operations with authorities were bears, pangolins, gibbons, douc langurs, marine turtles, and many other species.

Successful outcomes on cases increased from 46% in 2018 to 51.8% in 2019.

Crime Statistics: January 1, 2019 through Dec. 31, 2019

Crime classification Total 2019 Total (2005-2018)
Advertising and selling violations 979 7,641
Possession violations 610 3,830
Wildlife trafficking violations 146 1,862
Hunting and other violations 34 345
Total cases [1] 1,777 13,542
Total number of violations 4,334 34,849
Success rate (overall) [2] 51.8 44% (2014-2018) [3]

[1] Some cases logged are not ultimately classified as violations, and thus the total number of cases may differ slightly from the total number in each classification (possession, trafficking, etc.).

[2] Overall success includes both publicly reported cases AND cases resulting from ENV enforcement campaigns. Successes include any successes that occurred during the month, including successes achieved on older cases.

[3] Flagging of successful cases did not begin at ENV until 2014.

ENV wishes to thank our collaborating partners in law enforcement, provincial Forest Protection Departments, and most importantly, the public, for working together to strengthen protection for wildlife and help Vietnam meet its national and international responsibility to protect global biodiversity.